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Creative for good.

Identity & Graphic Design

Whatever it is you want to say, we can help you say it. We’ll swap your thousand words for something worth framing.

Multimedia & Animation

Moving people with moving pictures. Bringing magic to the your screen over 30 times a second.

Development & User Interface

Turning ideas into interactions, concepts into code and visions into reality. Keeping it human.

Marketing & Social Media

A secret identity might be a great thing if you fight crime, but not so good if you are in business. We can get you noticed.


We just want to give you creative that you will be proud of.

Great, cost-effective creative – on time, on budget, without sacrificing quality.

Say wow

We always aim to exceed expectations. Our goal is to hear a “wow” every single time we deliver your project. We are on a never ending journey of design evoluiton.  learn more

Have a soul

We believe that companies should not only have a personality, but they should also have a soul. We are proud of the way we do business, the way we treat the team, the way we treat customers, the way we support people in need. We like who we are.  learn more

Tick, tick, tick

We are big on deadlines – we always deliver. If you have provided everything we need to get the job done and given us enough time to do a great job, you will get your project on time and on budget.  learn more

Our promise

Our target customer satisfaction score is 100% – and we don’t just do it for our customers, we do it for ourselves as well. We are passionate about what we do, and it can be seen in every aspect of our work. If you are not happy, you don’t pay (but we have never had to cancel an invoice).  learn more

Zerofuse is powered by experienced senior designers and all work is checked and approved by our Creative Director.

How much?

The best things in life are free, with the exception of our services. We still think they are pretty great value though!

Humming Bird

Most popular

Creative when you need it


  • AU$30 per hour (no surprise)
  • Pay as you go
  • On demand service
  • Rapid turn around
  • Senior creatives
  • Mentoring and collaboration
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Helper Ant

Most popular

5 hours per week


  • AU$25 per hour
  • Pay monthly
  • No contracts
  • Dedicated team member
  • Project management
  • Mentoring and collaboration
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Bull Dog

Most popular

35 hours per week


  • AU$ 15 per hour
  • No hidden costs
  • Full-time dedicated staff
  • Weekly reporting
  • Project mangement
  • Mentoring and collaboration
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What people say

“I have been working with Zerofuse for many years, they have got me out of a bunch of tight spots with great work on tight deadlines – I have been very happy.

I always get exactly what I need and every project exceeds my expectation.”
Kim Ferguson

“Zerofuse has helped me develop two websites and the branding and logos for two businesses I have established over the last 15yrs. They are genuinely creative, listens to and responds to client needs, and offers insights and advice for his clients out of a genuine desire to help them achieve their goals.

Catherine Seaton

“I have been working with the team at Zerofuse for many years with my current company (and a number of companies prior), and they always delivered a good job, on time and under budget. I have been very happy with the work and have no hesitation recommending them to anyone.”

Lloyd Ernst

The front line

Everyone on the Zerofuse team is equal, we do not have a managment heirarchy, but we do have a bunch of people who are on the front line of customer service and delivery. These are the people you most likely will meet on your creative journey with us.

Graham Ernst

Creative groove

Graham is the lead designer and director of all creative services. It is his job to ensure customers get more than they expect.

Kim Ferguson

Customer happiness

Kim is the head of customer experiences and sales. Her job is to find the right solution for customers and make the moolah!

Troy Kelly

Technical magic

Troy is our director of technology.  His job is to make sure technical solutions are optimial and well designed. Buzzinga!

Claire Mariano

Miricle Worker

Claire is our project manager. Her job is to make sure every task is completed on time, and that everyone is happy with the outcome.

A few brands we lent a hand

Here are a few logos and concepts to take a look at.





1000’s of


Giving something back

We run our own unoffical charity called Little Big Gift. For every invoice paid, we put a percentage of the invoice towards helping people in need. You can find out more at

We also are advocates of animal rights, so we ecourage everyone to go meat-free when they can. Customers can earn “Creative Credits” if they eat vegetarian or vegan meals.

Say Hello

We would love to hear from you. We’ll throw some tofu on the BBQ for you.